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DATE PARTIES: Are You Ready to Get Crazy and Live It Up?

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Date Party DJ Packages

Are you ready to make your Date Party a night to remember? Let’s live it up with dancing, music, and all of your friends!

  • Guaranteed Fun for Everyone
  • Fun Interactive Line Dances
  • Hip Hop and Top 40 Music

  • Announcements and Giveaways
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What All is Included in Your Date Party DJ Package?

Guaranteed Fun for Everyone

Date Parties are meant to be fun, so why not let loose? Guests can expect to live it up with fun music, line dances, dance offs, trains, and group singing.

Fun Interactive Line Dances

I love to play the popular line dances because everyone can dance to these! I’ll even get out there with the guests and teach them the moves if they don’t know them.

Hip Hop and Top 40 Music

Want to get crazy? That’s my goal! I’ll spin all of the latest Top 40 hits that you know from the radio. I’ll even mix in lots of hip hop music if you have lots of hip hop fans.

Announcements and Giveaways

Don’t stress. I’ll make any and all announcements for you throughout the entire evening. Got prizes and giveaways? I’ll announce the winners for you too!

Music Requests All Night Long

Got music requests? I’m happy to oblige! Guests can either make a request list prior to their event or they can visit the DJ booth and make requests all night long.

Quick Song Mixes

I like to keep the party moving by quickly mixing through songs every 1-3 minutes. This way you get to hear more of your favorite hits throughout the night!

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