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WEDDING CEREMONY: Help Your Guests Hear the Ceremony!

Wedding Ceremony Music and Mics

Give yourself the peace of mind that all your special songs will be played at the right time and everyone can hear your officiant.

  • Easy Online Planning Forms
  • Background Music and Processional Songs
  • Microphones for your Officiant and Speaker/Singer
  • Peace of Mind that You Don’t Have to Handle the Music
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What All is Included in Your Wedding Ceremony Package?

Online Planning Forms

Don’t know how to plan for your ceremony? Don’t worry! I’ll send you an example ceremony outline and online planning forms so you’ll know what to include.

Background Music

Elegant background music will start playing 30 minutes before as your guests arrive. That way it’s not quiet in the venue and the mood is set as everyone arrives.

Processional Music

I will help you pick out songs for each part of your ceremony. Then the day of, I’ll play each of those songs at just the right time while you enjoy the moment!

Microphone for Officiant

I make it easy for your Officiant by offering a wireless headset microphone. This allows your officiant to hold their notes and the guests can hear what they say.

Microphone for Speaker/Singer

Have someone singing or saying a few words? I’ll provide a wireless handheld microphone so their voices can be heard. I can also bring a microphone stand.

Peace of Mind

Don’t spend time worrying about making sure your Ceremony runs smoothly. Leave that up to me! You just get lost in the moment and enjoy yourself.

Wedding Ceremony FAQs

Do you provide wireless microphones?

Yes. My ceremony package includes (1) Wireless Headset Microphone for your officiant and (1) Wireless Handheld Microphone for speeches, vows, or singers. I can also bring a microphone stand for the handheld microphone if needed.

Do you provide music as guests arrive?

Most definitely! Pre-Ceremony music will begin 30 minutes prior to your ceremony starting and typically includes instrumental or country music.

Will you help me with the order of my ceremony?

Absolutely! During the planning process, you can use my online wedding planner to create a timeline for your ceremony. I will also be available to help you structure the timeline, anticipate timing, and pick out songs.

Where will my ceremony setup be located?

The ceremony setup is small and clean and is typically located on the front-left or front-right side of the ceremony. It’s usually 15-20 feet away from the bridesmaids or groomsmen, which allows everyone in the audience to hear and ensures that it remains out of the photographer’s wide shots.

How far can my ceremony be from power?

Power must be located within 50 feet of my ceremony setup. If power is not within 50 feet, you will need to rent a generator and I know the perfect one to rent!

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