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POOL PARTIES: Are You Ready to Soak It Up and Get Some Sun?

Pool Party DJ Packages

Get ready to enjoy some fun in the sun and all the latest radio hits by bringing out a DJ to your pool party!

  • Guaranteed Fun for Everyone
  • Help with Interactive Games
  • Announcements and Giveaways
  • Music Requests All Day Long
Book a DJ for Your Pool Party Now

I’ve Performed at Country Clubs, Backyard Parties, and even Public Pools.

What All is Included in Your Pool Party DJ Package?

Guaranteed Fun for Everyone

Don’t settle for silence at your pool party! Your guests can expect to live it up with not only a fun pool party, but also listening to their favorite hits all day long.

Help with Interactive Games

If you are planning on playing games, I can help you announce the games, direct kids to certain areas, or even play high energy songs as the games begin.

Announcements and Giveaways

Don’t stress. I’ll make any and all announcements for you throughout the entire event. Got prizes and giveaways? I’ll announce the winners for you too!

Music Requests All Day Long

Got music requests? I’m happy to oblige! Guests can either make a request list prior to their event or they can visit the DJ booth and make requests all day long.

Radio Friendly Music

Don’t worry about hearing bad words! All of my songs are legally purchased and are the same radio friendly versions that the guests hear on the radio.

Quick Song Mixes

I like to keep the party moving by quickly mixing through songs every 1-3 minutes. This way you get to hear more of your favorite hits throughout the party!

Book a DJ for Your Pool Party Now

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